Suzuki Violin & Cello (3+ years)

Program Outline

An internationally known music curriculum and teaching philosophy, The Suzuki Method teaches through listening, repetition, positive reinforcement and gentle yet specific guidance. Beginners learn to play by ear– much like a child learns to speak or communicate. Suzuki teaching is based on respect for each child’s uniqueness and the belief that all children possess natural ability that develops according to the level of support and education they receive. This ability is nurtured via the Suzuki Triangle, including the student, the teacher and the parent(s) as a team.

Through the Suzuki process, children develop confidence and self-esteem, memory and concentration, self-discipline and determination to try difficult things. Most importantly, they gain the sensitivity and skill for making music, and they obtain a lasting source of enjoyment.

Training may begin as early as age zero by means of exposing children to selected recordings of music at home. However, training with a musical instrument may begin at age 3.

Suzuki tuition includes:
• 19 individual studio lessons per term
• 16 group classes per term, including dress rehearsal and concert with accompanist
• Parent classes

For questions, email Raya Fridman at [email protected]

To register, please contact the VCM front desk: 250.386.5311

Suzuki Violin Group Classes • Downtown

Fall Term 2022: Sep 10 – Jan 28Spring Term 2023: Feb 4 – Jun 4

Prep* : Sat • 9:00-9:45am • $269/term
Pre-Twinkle: Sat • 10:00-10:45am

15 min lessons + group class: $649.25/term (Available to Prep class students only)
30 min lessons + group class: $1024.50/term
45 min lessons + group class: $1399.75/term
*Lessons are encouraged, but not required for students in the Prep class

Suzuki Books 1 & 2: Sat • 11:00-12:00pm
Suzuki Books 3 & 4: Sat • 12:30-1:30pm
Suzuki Books 5 & 6: Sat • 1:45-2:45pm

30 min lessons + group class: $1112.50/term
45 min lessons + group class: $1487.75/term


Suzuki Cello Group Classes • Downtown

Fall Term 2022: Sep 9 – Jan 20

Pre-Twinkle to Book 1 – Twinkle Variations Tues • 4:45-5:30pmBook 1 – Twinkle Variations to Perpetual Motion: Sat • 10:30-11:15am30 min lessons + group class: $1024.50/term45 min lessons + group class: $1399.75/term

Book 2: Sat • 11:30-12:30pm

30 min lessons + group class: $1112.50/term45 min lessons + group class: $1487.75/term

Spring Term 2023: Feb 3 – Jun 3

Book 1 – French Folk Song to Perpetual Motion: Tues • 4:45-5:30pmBook 1 – Long, Long Ago to minuet #2: Sat • 10:30-11:15am

30 min lessons + group class: $1024.50/term45 min lessons + group class: $1399.75/term

Book 3: Sat • 11:30-12:30pm

30 min lessons + group class: $1112.50/term45 min lessons + group class: $1487.75/term

Program Details

To register, please contact the VCM front desk: 250.386.5311


Raya Fridman

Raya Fridman is a dedicated and fully trained Suzuki violin teacher at the VCM. She believes that every child can succeed in life if she/he has support of the family; music will be one of the many achievements. Raya holds a College Diploma in Orchestra/Music Education from Russia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, as well as a Master in Music from the University of Victoria. Her performing experiences include the Chamber Orchestra of Leningrad, Montreal Chamber Orchestra, Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Chamber Orchestra, various theatre companies such as Victoria Operatic Society and Gilbert and Sullivan. She has also enjoyed masterclasses with Pinkas Zukerman, Eleonora and Yuli Turovski, Richard Roberts, Thomas Williams and workshops with “I Musici” and “Quador Bozzini”. Raya has been leading the Civic Orchestra of Victoria since 2006. She is conversant in Russian, French, and English.

Dexine Wallbank

DEXINE WALLBANK was a member of The Canadian Opera Company Orchestra and also played with the National Ballet Orchestra of Canada, both in Toronto. Apart from the years she spent in eastern Canada, Dexine has played with the Victoria Symphony Orchestra since she was twenty years old. Over the years she has also played with various chamber groups including the early music group, Victoria Festival Consort. Dexine received Suzuki teacher training form the Suzuki Kingston institute as well as the Guelph Suzuki institute. In addition to many years of giving lessons privately from her home, she has also taught at (…)

Karen Whyte

Upon hearing the legendary Jacqueline Du Pre perform in Vancouver, Karen became enthralled with the cello. Lessons with Judith Fraser and Ian and Colin Hampton preceded a Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance of the Cello, completed in 1985. Since then, Karen has gone on to complete a Professional Teaching Certificate, the Camosun College/Victoria Conservatory of Music Strings Diploma and Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Education. Karen has also participated in six sessions of the Montreal Suzuki Institute, completing Suzuki Cello Books 1 – 8.
Karen teaches Suzuki Cello at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and Strings in the Greater Victoria School District. She enjoys performing with the Victoria Civic Orchestra and the Sooke Philharmonic. Karen plays a cello dated 2002 by Gregory Walke of Paisley, Ontario.