Songwriting Skills & Strategies: Title to Strong Finish

Program Outline

What’s the secret to shaping and finishing songs that listeners want to hear over and over again? In this course we’ll use use inspiring creative exercises to craft great song titles, and learn how to write memorable songs that finish strong. Whether you’re a beginning or an intermediate writer, this course will help you find the next level in your songwriting journey.

In this course we will:
  • Learn how to develop and expand on memorable song titles
  • Use inspiring song beds to write top-line melodies and lyrics
  • Create effective section structures for emotional impact
  • Explore the unique connection between colorful chords and musical language
  • Work on writing memorable melodies that stick
  • Determine how to engage and guide your listener
  • Use new musical vocabulary to enhance your creative output

These songwriting courses are designed to inspire our students by helping them find a deeper connection with their creative voices. By exploring songwriting from a variety of diverse viewpoints, students will develop a strong sense of form, melody, harmony, and rhythm. Each class will offer students a chance to discover new ways of combining words and music into satisfying songs, under the guidance of our amazing artist-educators Colleen Eccleston and Wynn Gogol. Welcome to students of all songwriting levels.

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Wynn Gogol

Wynn Gogol is a music producer, mixer, educator and author who enjoys working in a wide range of genres and styles. With more than twenty years of experience, his work has received Juno nominations, a Maple Blues Award and a Canadian Folk Award. Wynn joined the VCM in 2017 to teach the newly developed postsecondary Diploma in Music Performance course “Composing as Singer-Songwriter”. As a faculty member of the VCM’s School of Music Technology & Creativity, Wynn has since expanded his involvement with the VCM to include teaching digital school notation, as well as recording, mixing, and editing, as part of the VCM’s new Music Technology Lab programming currently under development. […]