Songwriting Skills & Strategies: Writing From Different Angles

Program Outline

You want to write a song – but where do you start? With rhythm, melody, lyrics or chords? In this course we will look at songwriting from different starting points. The ability to write from different angles helps to keep you from getting stuck in the same old patterns and helps you to get inspired once you’re stuck.

In this course, we will:

  • Explore writing to different rhythms and look at how to find them
  • Create lyrics based on the musicality of language
  • Work intensely on how to generate meaningful melodies first
  • Explore setting your poetry to music
  • Create chordal structures to support your melodies and song ideas
  • Write songs from from various approaches
  • Determine how to apply these techniques to songs that have problems

These songwriting courses are designed to inspire our students by helping them find a deeper connection with their creative voices. By exploring songwriting from a variety of diverse viewpoints, students will develop a strong sense of form, melody, harmony, and rhythm. Each class will offer students a chance to discover new ways of combining words and music into satisfying songs, under the guidance of our amazing artist-educators Colleen Eccleston and Wynn Gogol. Welcome to students of all songwriting levels.

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Colleen Eccleston

“Victoria’s Colleen Eccleston is a remarkable singer. She is a gifted songwriter and a very strong rhythm guitarist. Her on-stage ebullience makes her concerts a delight, but she can switch from a carefree song about life on the road to a sobering tale of environmental or interpersonal damage with consummate ease” – The Rogue Folk; “A dangerous blend of skillful song writing and gorgeous vocals makes Colleen an artist whose work is timeless and a must have for any true music aficionado’s collection.” – Naomi De Bruyn, Linear Reflections. After 14 years with The Ecclestons and many adventures on the road (…)