Spark to Flame Student Feature: Emily Dubois

Posted Feb 3, 2020

Meet Emily Dubois!

Our very first (ever) Contemporary student performer at the February 29, 2020 Spark to Flame Concert!

Spark to Flame Student Showcase, Emily Dubois


Emily Dubois is a young musician with no shortage of musical ambition. Born and raised in a musical household in Langbank, Saskatchewan, she fell in love with the fiddle and Canadian fiddle music as a young child. In her later years, going to music camps, travelling for music tutelage, and teaching her own small studio of students helped create her lifelong love for performing and teaching. She moved out to Victoria to really push herself to the next level as a musician, and being able to perform as a Spark to Flame participant is a great way to keep challenging herself in the right direction.




What program are you enrolled in at the VCM?

The Contemporary Performance Diploma through Camosun College.


How long have you been playing the fiddle?

I have been playing since I was 6, so about 16 years now.


Why did you apply to perform at Spark to Flame?

Some of my classical diploma colleagues had performed in the concert last year, and both my main teachers suggest I try to enter it this year. I was unsure at first because I had only ever heard of classical students entering it, but when I read the restrictions, nowhere does it say that contemporary students cannot perform; it said anyone in the postsecondary program could enter, and so I decided I wanted to audition. I did this not only to challenge myself even more in my second year, but also to carve a new path into these sort of contests for future contemporary students in my program.


What piece are you performing and why did you choose it?

I am performing an orchestrated medley of Celtic/Cape Breton fiddle tunes entitled “Stars on the Hill,” arranged by Scott Macmillan. I was very drawn to this piece because it is a more recent arrangement that was featured for Natalie MacMaster and the Nova Scotia Orchestra. Out of the fiddle music I have grown up around and listening to, the Celtic style is one I was particularly drawn to, and I want to continue developing that style.


What are your aspirations in music? Spark to Flame, Emily Dubois

I love the world of fiddle music; although I definitely want to form some groups or even ensembles and do some incredible collaborations in my lifetime, I would also like to work on some of my own arrangements as a solo performer. Outside of performing, I also want to be able to keep the world of Canadian fiddle music alive and well, and want to continue to carry on this rich and lively tradition so that I may pass it on to many others.


Spark to Flame

The Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Spark to Flame program supports emerging artist’s development and is open to all students of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Selected through audition, students are given the opportunity to work with VCM faculty in the weeks leading up to the performance to develop their professional and artistic skills. The final concert is a magical evening featuring students performing with professional musicians and the VCM Senior String Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Timothy Vernon.

This year’s Spark to Flame student showcase is Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 7:30pm in Alix Goolden Performance Hall. We hope you’ll join us for this special evening!

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  1. Bonnie Charles says:

    Congrats Emily from Kyla’s auntie-very impressive- the first – ever !!! I know you’ll do us all proud !!!

  2. eli barsi says:

    We are so proud of you Emily!!! Keep up the great work … 😃

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