The Fine Print

Registration, Refund, and Withdrawal Policies

Tuition and other fees must be paid before a student is admitted to a lesson, class, or ensemble. Instructors are directly dependent upon timely student payments. If payment is not received, the instructor is not paid. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Transaction and Other Fees

Transaction Fee $2.25 will be charged once per receipt (will be eliminated
for activities starting September 2021)
Returned Payments $20.00 charged for any cheque or pre-authorized debit refused for any
reason by the bank. Subsequent payment can only be made by cash,
debit card, certified cheque, money order, or email money transfer.
Refund Processing Fee $25.00
Late Fees* $10.00 per month

* Tuition is due by September 15th for Term 1 and January 31st for Term 2.
Mid-term registrations require immediate payment.

Accepted payment methods include:

Cash Canadian Currency not exceeding $3,000
Cheque Payable to the Victoria Conservatory of Music
Debit Card Please be aware of your own Daily Limit
Credit Card A credit card convenience fee of 2.75% will be charged.
Email Money Transfer Ask Front Desk reception for instructions
Wire Transfer Ask for wire information. You must add enough on to cover any fee
your bank will take off the top, plus add an additional $15 to cover
VCM’s banking fees.
Payment Plan by PAD/EFT If the payment plan is chosen, the balance is paid over equal monthly
installments by pre-authorized debit on the 15th of each month,
beginning with the first month of enrolment and continuing over a
period of your choice, ending no later than the end of lessons.
Monthly payment plan fees of $2.00 per payment will be charged based on
the number of payments selected.


Cancellation Policy
If a student cancels a private lesson with reasonable notice, the instructor may wish to arrange a make-up lesson, pending the instructor’s schedule and the availability of studio space. The instructor is, however, under no obligation to make up the lesson, particularly if insufficient notice (under 24 hours) is given. Students are expected to be present for all scheduled lessons. This includes vacations, school/sport events, etc. If an instructor cancels, they are obliged to make up the lesson. The VCM reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or combine classes and to limit registration or change instructors. Should insufficient registration cause the cancellation of a class, fees will be refunded or the student may transfer to another course if room is available.

Refunds & Withdrawals
There are NO refunds for ensembles or group classes*, except in cases of illness/injury accompanied by a doctor’s note, as their viability is based on minimum enrolments. These programs are based on a sequential curriculum that does not allow for continuous intake; therefore the space cannot be refilled if a student withdraws mid-term. Because instructors must commit to a schedule and book a studio space, refunds for individual lessons are permitted only in cases of illness or injury (for which a doctor’s note is required) or in exceptional circumstances, such as an unexpected family relocation.

All withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing or by email to the Registrar’s Office: [email protected]. Withdrawal requests must be made in a timely fashion and within the term to which they apply. Requests for retroactive refunds received more than one month after the cessation of attendance at lessons will not be considered. All refunds of $1,000 or more will require a separate form to be completed and signed in person and government issued ID to be presented and copied. Refunds will be processed according to the following schedule and are subject to a $25.00 processing fee:

  • One week before the first lesson: 100%
  • During the first two weeks: 75%
  • During the third week: 50%
  • During the fourth week: 25%
  • After the fourth week: No Refund

* Full year classes may be withdrawn, with the instructor’s permission, given 4 weeks written notice.

The VCM encourages students to remain with the same teacher throughout the term for which they have registered. However, in exceptional circumstances, transfers may be requested through the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will consult with the Dean and respective Department Head on a case-by-case basis. The VCM does not guarantee transfer to a different teacher, but every effort will be made to ensure students are placed appropriately with an instructor that meets their individual needs.

Statutory Holidays
Individual lessons that fall on statutory holidays have been included in the 38-week term. Because the office and building are closed on these days, an alternate lesson time should be arranged for those weeks. Please verify your lesson schedule with your teacher.

Getting Started

Studio Instruction
Students typically have one lesson per week for 38 weeks (two terms) from September to June (unless alternate arrangements are made directly with the instructor). Students may begin individual lessons at any time during the academic year.

Students will be referred to an appropriate instructor based on: musical background, goals, availability of lessons, and fee options. Contact us or visit our Referral Form Page to facilitate the referral process. Students may request lessons with a specific instructor, though the VCM cannot guarantee availability. Once an instructor is assigned, the instructor will contact the student/parent to make arrangements for lessons.

Group Classes & Ensembles
Students in group classes typically begin their studies in September. Classes fill up quickly – please register no later than one week prior to the start date. If space permits and the instructor agrees, a student may join a class already in progress. Some courses may require an application, interview, placement test, or audition as indicated in this course calendar. Fees, duration, and timetables for group classes are included with each class description.

The VCM Student Card
Each student may request a VCM Student Card upon registration, valid for the term(s) in which the student is registered. Privileges and benefits of the VCM student card include:

  • Use of practice studios
  • Participation in the weekend noon concerts
  • A 15% discount on ensemble tuition
  • Participation in masterclasses
  • Free admission to select VCM concerts
  • Discounts at several area music stores, including 10% off printed material at Long & McQuade, 10% off printed material and accessories at Tapestry Music and 10% off books, gift items and music accessories at Tom Lee Music.

Practice Rooms
Currently registered VCM students may use practice rooms on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability. Policies for practice rooms and assigned keys are available at the administration office. Requests for practice rooms can be made through the front desk during regular business hours, and through the custodial staff when the office is closed.

The VCM parking lot is reserved for pass holders at all times. Street parking and public lots are available within short walking distance.

Downtown Access

School Entrance 900 Johnson Street
Wheelchair Access 900 Johnson Street
Metro Studio 1411 Quadra Street
Robin and Winifred Wood
Recital Hall 900 Johnson Street
Alix Goolden Performance Hall 907 Pandora Avenue
(also accessible through the School Entrance)