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Posted November 28, 2014

Variety – The Children’s Charity to support children with many challenges

We are very proud of many things here at the VCM but it is safe to say that working to grow our Music Therapy program into one of North America’s most respected and renowned has us standing our tallest.

Witness pure joy combined with achieving real, tangible goals and there is no denying the POWER of music.

Variety LogoWe work with more than 1,800 participants every week, 800 of which are children suffering from developmental, emotional, physical and/or mental health difficulties. Recently our hard work was rewarded in the best possible way by Variety – The Children’s Charity who stepped up and provided $22,850 to help children in need.

“The funds will go toward two areas, first a much needed Soundbeam 5,” said Dr. Johanne Brodeur, Head of VCM’s Music Therapy Department. “Second, these funds will also enable VCM Music Therapists to reach out and help children in our schools who live and struggle with mental and/or physical difficulties as well as children with mental health challenges.”

We know there are thousands of children in need of music therapy sessions.  Each unique session can help facilitate learning, communications, expression and growth and these funds are critically needed to improve the overall quality of life for these kids in our communities.

“We’re proud to partner with the Victoria Conservatory of Music in its delivery of the Music Therapy Program,” says Bernice Scholten, Executive Director of Variety – The Children’s Charity. “At Variety, we see each child who has special needs as a champion. Through this special program, they are able to achieve remarkable little victories.”

Brodeur added, “It’s true, we witness victories regularly. The emotion from the children’s parents and loved ones is overwhelming when they see their child speak, laugh, react or play after months of silence.”

From Left to Right: Tara Sudbury, VCM Director of Development, Arlene MacDonald, Variety – The Children’s Charity 30 Year Member and Variety International Ambassador and Dr. Johanne Brodeur, Head of VCM Music Therapy and Children’s Music Department, New Soundbeam 5

Soundbeam 5

Soundbeam 5 is a musical instrument which uses motion sensors and switches to translate body movements into music and sound. It’s a type of therapy that can be used by children with complex physical and mental challenges and children in need of finding a way of expression. It enables children the pleasure of making music and it transforms their connection to their surroundings and the music they create.

If you or your organization wish to learn more about our Music Therapy program or would like to lend support please feel free to email Johanne Brodeur at brodeur@localhost/

OR you can make a donation online


Thank you in advance for making a difference in so many lives.

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