VCM Awards day celebrates our students and supporters

Posted June 21, 2019

The 43rd Victoria Conservatory of Music Awards day was hosted in Alix Goolden Performance Hall on June 18, 2019. This special event is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible work of our students and the generosity of our supporters.

Donations generously received from VCM supporters, donors, businesses, community organizations, and long-time individual contributors enables the VCM to award more than 70 students with $80,000 in awards, prizes, scholarships and bursaries. Award recipients ranged in age from 8 to 77 years of age and included postsecondary, voice, woods and brass, strings, keyboard and contemporary students.


Victoria Musical Art Society Scholarship
Recipient: Rowan Osborne
The Victoria Musical Arts Society has been active since 1906, promoting and supporting music in the Victoria area. The Society Scholarship is awarded annually to deserving Postsecondary students intending to pursue careers in music.

Robin and Winifred Wood International Piano Scholarship
Recipient: Alexandra Berg
The Woods’ International Piano Scholarship is awarded to a student entering the second year of the Diploma in Music Program who demonstrates outstanding promise and a high level of musical expertise.

Pitt and Sheila Linder 2019 Postsecondary Scholarships
Recipients: Chris Ainsworth, Rowan Osborne, Alexandra Berg, Sophia Kieferle
The Pitt and Sheila Linder 2019 Postsecondary Scholarships are awarded to Postsecondary students who have demonstrated exceptional musical ability/talent, and a commitment to music education and to music as a major part of their future professional career.

VanHall Fund for the Arts Scholarship
Made possible by Mr. John Van Wees and Mr. John Halee
Recipients: McKenna Jennings, Anne van der Sloot, Evan Overman, Keziah Froese

VanHall Fund for the Arts Jazz Scholarship
Recipients: Emily Dubois, Ben Collins
The VanHall Fund for the Arts, made possible by Mr. John Van Wees and Mr. John Halee, provides scholarships for second-year Postsecondary students who show great musical promise and dedication to their craft.

Arthur Leeder Scholarship
Recipients: Hongkyung Lim, Jono Devey, Boyana Makedonska
The Arthur Leeder Scholarship is awarded to adult students of piano who show talent, dedication, and potential.

George Giles Award
Recipient: Sujung Lee
George Giles served as President of the Board of Governors from 1991 to 1993 and Chair of the Facilities Planning Committee. As an architect and former public servant, his contribution to the quest for a new Conservatory building was invaluable. This award is presented annually to a graduating student who is seen to have a bright career in music.

Alan Macey Postsecondary Scholarship
Recipients: Christian Hardy, Daniella Saunders, Nreath Ktart, Christopher Krocker Mattila, Aiden McClure, Zoe Dubois
The Alan Macey Postsecondary Scholarship is awarded to deserving Postsecondary students as determined by the Artistic Directorate.

Prof. Stephen and Dr. Jacquelyn Peitchinis Scholarship
Recipients: Jessica Carter, Louis Dillon, Hongkyung Lim, Melissa Irvine
This award is given to deserving Postsecondary students, chosen by the Artistic Directorate.


Catherine Young Voice Prize
Recipient: Annalysa Tylor
This award is an ongoing tribute to Catherine Young’s contribution to the Conservatory. Mrs. Young served as Head of the Voice Department for over thirty years. In grateful appreciation of outstanding dedication and service, Mrs. Young was made a Life Member of the Conservatory in 2001.

Garth Gislason Prize
Recipient: Ian Killough
The Gislason Prize is awarded annually to a deserving voice student as determined by the Artistic Directorate.

Roberto and Mary Wood Voice Scholarship
Recipient: Tarane Noruzi
Roberto and Mary Wood enjoyed a lifetime connection to vocal and choral music. In the early 1950s they helped to establish the Greater Victoria Music Festival. Each year a deserving VCM voice student is presented with this award in their honour.

Judith Rockwell Prize
Recipient: Anne Jeffrey
Established in 1999 by the namesake’s family, Judith Rockwell Prize is given to a student who has returned to voice study in adult life and who has demonstrated dedication and achievement.

The Liam Munday Memorial Voice Scholarship
Presented by: Mr. & Mrs. Geoff and Victoria Munday
Recipient: Ian Killough
This scholarship was established in 2012 to honour the memory of Liam Munday. Singing with VIVA Young Men’s Ensemble, under the direction of Nicholas Fairbank, and taking private voice lessons with Ruth Horie were recent highlights in Liam’s young adult life. Many people who had known Liam, either directly or through his family, donated to the establishment of this scholarship, given for the first time in 2013. The recipient of this annual scholarship is a deserving voice student as decided by the scholarship committee.

Kay Kaminski Vancouver Island Services and Treatment Association Award
Recipient: Miranda Juergensen
Established by the Vancouver Island Services and Treatment Association, this award is given to an outstanding VCM voice student as decided by the Artistic Directorate.

Mai Gillespie Scholarship & Bursary
Recipient: Gina Johnson
The Mai Gillespie Scholarship and Bursary Fund is awarded to a deserving student as determined by the Artistic Directorate.


Austin A. Scott Flute Scholarship
Recipients: Chloe Williams, Yanina Kosivanova
Established by the students and colleagues of Austin Scott, who began teaching flute at the VCM in 1969 and passed away in 2014. This scholarship is awarded to flute players who show musical promise and dedication.

Prof. Stephen and Dr. Jacquelyn Peitchinis Winds Ensemble Scholarship
Recipient: Camilo Aybar, Simeon Sanford Blades
Awarded to talented students who participate in a wind ensemble.

James Arthur Kirk Scholarship
Recipient: Lily Werner
James Arthur Kirk was “a man of many talents – an artist, a musician, a bonsai gardener, a gourmet cook, a sculptor, a former music teacher and an astute businessman”. This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student from outside Victoria and Vancouver.

Helen B. and Bradley James A. Turner Scholarship
Recipients: Lasha Reid, Janet Holland, Glenda Iverson, Joan Riecken, Trisha House
Awarded to adult students in any genre.


John Dyck Scholarship
Recipient: Sheryn Basham
Awarded to a talented student who is a resident of the Capital Regional District, as selected by the Artistic Directorate.

John Hayes Bursary
Recipient: Brian Lim
The John Hayes Bursary Fund is awarded to a talented and deserving student of the Conservatory who studies in School District #61.

Sydney Humphreys Violin Prize
Recipient: Elijah Kim
Sydney Humphreys, Head of Strings at the Conservatory for 25 years, retired in 2001 and passed away in 2015. To commemorate his dedication and inspired teaching, the Sydney Humphreys Violin Prize was established to encourage future generations of students.

Orval and Blanche Beatty Chamber Music Scholarship
Recipient: Rebecca Reader-Lee
This scholarship is awarded annually to deserving string students. Jane Yonge, daughter of Orval and Blanche Beatty, studied piano and voice and, at the age of 72, added viola to her repertoire. This, along with the like-named sacred music scholarship, was established to honour the memory of her parents whose great love of music had a profound influence on Jane’s life.

Jamie K. Syer Collegium Scholarship
Recipients: Keziah Froese, Lexie Krakowski
Established in 2011 to honour Dr. Syer, who founded the Collegium Program in 2005, this scholarship is awarded to the Collegium student(s) who best exemplify the spirit and purpose of the Program: excellence in music, teamwork and support of peers. The recipient is chosen each year by the Collegium Artistic Director and Animateur, based on nominations from faculty and fellow students.

Nadar Holdings Strings Bursary
Recipients: Aleksandra Przydatek, Natalya Wautier
The Nadar Holdings Strings Bursary is awarded to a deserving strings student(s), as decided by the Scholarship and Bursary Committee.

Cardo Smalley Violin Scholarship
Recipients: Lucy Zhang
The Cardo Smalley Violin Scholarship is awarded to a deserving violin student as determined by the Artistic Directorate.

Margaret Goater Award
Recipients: Grace Overman, Janou Boutillier
Margaret Goater was a long-time resident of Victoria and supporter of the arts in our community. In her will she provided bequests to several arts organizations, including the Conservatory, in order that scholarships for deserving violin and viola students may be established.

Marnie Lester Harp Scholarship
Recipient: Willow Hamilton
A life-long student of music in general and the harp in particular, Marnie was a valued member of the VCM administration for over 20 years. Upon her retirement in 2010, a scholarship fund was established in her honour to aid aspiring harpists in their studies.

Catharine Gillespie Memorial Scholarship
Recipients: Lexie Krakowski, Luke Kim
The Catharine Gillespie Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to a deserving student of the Conservatory, as decided by the Scholarship and Bursary Committee.

Susan and Colin Boyer Bursary
Recipients: Adrian Chen, Grace Overman, Walter Rees, Isidora Uhlman, Evan Kim, Theodore Kim, Camilo Aybar, Chloe Williams
The Susan and Colin Boyer Bursary is awarded to a young student who shows talent and passion to pursue his or her music training. – Strings

Mary and Gerald Stanick Strings Scholarship Fund
Recipient: Jayden Rogers
The Mary and Gerald Stanick Strings Scholarship Fund is awarded to a strings student who demonstrates musical talent and a commitment to music education.


Margaret Hendry Scholarship
Recipient: Filbert Zhang
Established in 1980 by the Conservatory to honour Mrs. Margaret Hendry – one of the foremost influential members of the VCM faculty in its early days – upon her retirement from the piano faculty. This scholarship is awarded to a student seen to have a bright future as a professional musician.

Aundria Dawn Grieve Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Keisha McKay
Mr. John Grieve established this award in memory of his late daughter, Aundria. This award is given to a deserving keyboard student who is also a member of the VCM Collegium program.

Millicent Lavoy Piano Scholarship
Recipient: Felina Yang, Raizo Buenvenida, Daniel Yaxley, Charlie Dutton, Natalya Wautier, Anna Wautier, Rohin Arun
The Millicent Lavoy Piano Scholarship was established through a generous bequest from the award’s namesake. For many years to come, Ms. Lavoy’s generosity will assist dedicated piano students to continue their studies and enhance their lives through music.

Nathan Geminiano Scholarship
Recipient: Carey Wang
Nathan was one of the Conservatory’s most gifted and promising young pianists. At 14 years old, his life was tragically cut short in a road accident. His family felt that a fitting memorial to his life would be an award that would benefit other young musicians. Many people who had known and admired Nathan contributed to the establishment this scholarship.

Carol Clark Jesse Piano Scholarship
Recipient: Bonnie Lu
The Carol Clark Jesse Piano Scholarship is awarded to a classical piano student who demonstrates talent combined with a commitment to furthering their music education.

Marjorie Tebo Scholarship
Recipient: Alicia Bai Marjorie
Tebo studied with Stanley Shale and went on to become one of Victoria’s foremost piano teachers. Miss Tebo taught at the Conservatory in its early years. As part of her estate she left an annual award to be presented to a “fine young music student” as selected by the Conservatory.

Margaret Baker Award
Recipient: Erik Lin
Presented to accomplished piano students who show an interest in accompanying.

Carl Weiselberger Scholarship
Recipient: Vanessa Tian
Donated by Frances Margaret Drake in honour of Ottawa Citizen Music critic Carl Weiselberger, so that a promising piano student might further develop their love and appreciation of music.

Dr. Robin Wood Piano Scholarship
Recipient: Samuel Li
Presented to the student who has achieved the highest mark in the highest piano exam taken.

Brian Estall Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: May Basbaum
This award is given to a deserving student, chosen by the VCM Scholarship Committee, to encourage their musical endeavors.

David Foster Scholarship
Recipient: Keisha McKay
In recognition of Mr. Foster’s achievements, in 1986 Finance Minister Hugh Curtis pursued the establishment of a scholarship in his name to be awarded annually to a Conservatory student through a grant from the Cultural Services Branch of the Provincial Government.

Mrs. Pui Jun Wong Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Malak El Ouadghiri
This annual award was established in 1977 by former Board member Dr. W.T. Wong in memory of his mother. Mrs. Pui Jun Wong was a teacher of fine arts who held the standard of the Conservatory’s young pianists in high regard. The award goes to the youngest piano student who has passed their examination with no less than First Class Honours.

Gertrude Durand Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Tahlulah Tam
The Gertrude Durand Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a deserving piano accompaniment student.


Luke’s Gift Scholarship
Recipients: Alexandra Berg, José Henrique Vieira Correa Guimaraes
Luke Rachwalski was a talented young musician who died tragically in a house fire in 2014. His family and friends established the Luke’s Gift Scholarship to celebrate Luke’s life by supporting students in the VCM’s Chwyl Family School of Contemporary Music. The recipient of the award is someone who has approached their musical education in a non-traditional way, someone who shares Luke’s belief that music was a blank canvas for personal expression.

Alex Nicholls Scholarship
Recipients: Rowan Osborne
The Alex Nicholls Scholarship is awarded to a young student (age 15-30 years) in the School of Contemporary Music, who demonstrates lifelong passion for music, or is in pursuit of a career in music.

Robin and Winifred Wood Scholarship
Recipient: Rowan Osborne
The Robin and Winifred Wood Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student who contributes time and talent to support the VCM.

Mona Nest Weller Bequest
Recipient: José Henrique Vieira Correa Guimaraes
The Mona Nest Weller Bequest is awarded annually to a deserving student of the Conservatory as determined by the Artistic Directorate.


Prof. Stephen and Dr. Jacquelyn Peitchinis Theory Scholarship
Recipient: Charlie Dutton
This award is given to a student who shows exceptional talent in the field of music theory, as selected by the VCM Artistic Directorate.

The following students have completed the requirements of the VCM/ Camosun Diploma and Certificate programs in the 2018-19 academic year. We congratulate these students, who received their credentials from Camosun College in June 2019.

Matthew Bawtinheimer
Andrew Bishop
Leif Alexander Beach Bradshaw

Jenna Lyn Trill

Nival Bissoon
Kaira Fukui
Gina Desiree Johnson
Sujung Lee
Arisa Katrina Lutic-Hotta
Alie Noruzi Zidehi
Adam G. Schmidt
José Henrique Vieira Correa Guimaraes


Thank you to all VCM Faculty! The recipients of today’s awards are from the studios of:
Alana Despins, Alexander Dunn, Annabelle Stanley, Bradford Werner, Cari Burdett, Cathy Lewis, Christine Prince, Colleen Eccleston, Daniel Lapp, Danuel Tate, Emily Nagelbach, Erin Fisher, Guyonne Le Louarn, Ingrid Attrot, Ingrid Henderson, Jack Edwards, Jan Randall, Judith Pazder, Kelly Charlton, Kristine Benny, Kyron Basu, Linda Low, Louise Rose, Marsha Elliott, Martin Bonham, Mary Byrne, May Ling Kwok, Merrie Klazek, Müge Büyükçelen, Nancy Argenta, Nathan McDonald, Paula Kiffner, Raya Fridman, Rob Cheramy, Robert Holliston, Roger Buksa, Rosabel Choi, Simon MacDonald, Tatiana Kostour, Yoomi Kim

Thank you to all Scholarship Program donors!
Without your generous support, this day would not have been possible. On behalf of our students, thank you so much for helping to further their musical education.

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