Victoria Conservatory of Music Student Achievements at the 2019 B.C. Provincial Performing Arts Festival

The 2019 B.C. Provincial Competition results are announced and we’re proud to share the success of so many of our students!

• Junior Canadian Piano runner-up: Bonnie Lu (Instructors Linda Low and May Ling Kwok) Adam Schmidt is the National Classical Voice winner at the B.C. Performing Arts Festival.
• Junior Canadian Piano runner-up: Tallulah Tam (Instructor Ingrid Henderson)
• Intermediate Piano honourable mention: Ricky Chiu (Instructor Walter Prosnitz)

• National Classical Voice winner: Adam Schmidt (Instructor Nancy Argenta). Adam will represent BC at the 2019 National Festival in Saskatoon, SK, August 6 to 10.

• Intermediate Strings runner-up: Lexie Krakowski (Instructor Paula Kiffner)
• Senior Strings runner-up: Kaira Fukui (Instructor Müge Büyükçelen)
• June B Strings honourable mention: Luke Kim (Instructor Martin Bonham)

• Senior Woodwinds honourable mention: Sujung Lee (Instructor Emily Nagelbach)

• Intermediate Brass winner: Evan Overman (Instructor Joanne Allers and Merrie Klazek) Evan Overman is the Intermediate Brass winner at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival.

Chamber Groups
• Intermediate Chamber group winner: Humphreys String Quartet (Performers include Seung Choi, Lexie Krakowski, Boris Li, Rebecca Reader-Lee, Coach Simon MacDonald and Instructors Müge Büyükçelen and Paula Kiffner)
• Junior Chamber group runner-up: Salish Quartet (Performers include Mai Ikemura, Elijah Kim, Luke Kim, Keisha McKay, Coach Tzenka Dianova/ Brian, Instructors Simon MacDonald, Guyonne Lelouarn, Martin Bonham, and Yoomi Kim)
• Senior Chamber group honourable mention: James Hunter Quartet (Performers include Daniela Orellana Gonzalez, Emily Groseth, Sujung Lee, Liam Mcdonald-Horak, Coach: Mary Byrne & Brian Yoon, Instructors Guyonne LeLouarn, Christi Meyers, Emily Nagelbach, and Silvina Samuels)

• Junior Guitar winner: Adrian Chen (Instructor Alexander Dunn)

For more information about the Performing Arts Festivals, visit:
• Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival
• B.C. Provincial Performing Arts Association of Regional Festivals
• National Music Festival

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