Published March 16, 2016

We are certainly in the middle of an ongoing technological boom and it’s the innovations that truly improve lives and provide great joy that get us most excited.  Our Music Therapy department recently shared their newest device with us and it is awesome. It’s called the ‘Waveband’ and it lets people with a wide range of disabilities express themselves musically through movement. By moving an Apple device, users convert motion into the sound of their choice of musical instrument. Users can roll, pitch or turn the device to play a piano scale, shake the device to play a tambourine, and so on. Waveband is completely customizable to ensure that each user’s ability to move can be used to their best advantage.

“Our little man accompanying his wonderful music therapist, Allan Slade, at VCM. The guys at CanAssist have created a fantastic  app called Waveband that lets Jay play all sorts of sounds/instruments with the wave of his arm…or foot…or whatever  limb(s) have an ipod strapped to them. Amazing technology – but what is even more amazing is how engaged Jay usually becomes (both physically and mentally) when he rolls into class and the music begins. What a work out! Definitely worth the two hour round-trip drive to see Jay having so much fun with Allan and his music.” Jillian Napier

Soundbeam worldwide award winner, Ari Kinarthy tries Waveband for the first time


For more information about the Waveband please visit CanAssist.ca


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