VCM Concerts & Events


Winds & Brass Dept. Masterclasses 2016-2017

22/02/2017 - 24/05/2017

High quality winds and brass performance masterclasses, facilitated by expert VCM Faculty and featured guests. Participation if free for registered VCM Winds and Brass students.




This year’s Piano Honours Concert features over 25 talented piano students, performing a wide variety of repertoire.


Winds & Brass Dept. Collage Concerts 2016-2017


Join us for a “collage” of aspiring talented students from the VCM’s Winds & Brass Department, performing solo, chamber, and ensemble works on a variety of wind and brass instruments!

Independent Presentations


Reconciliation and Resurgence: How Indigenous artists are re-imagining the story of Canada

Buy Tickets Online 07/03/2017

Join university chancellor and celebrated broadcast journalist Shelagh Rogers for an intimate conversation with Indigenous visual artists Rande Cook and Carey Newman and UVic visual anthropologist Andrea Walsh. Across Canada, contemporary Indigenous artists are using images to explore place, truth and identity and challenging us to transform our perspectives, conversations and ideas. Collectively, this great imagining is playing a unique and pivotal role in understanding our past and determining our shared future.

March 8, 2017-NCIED(edit)

BRAVE SPIRITS ON NEW PATHS: The Road to Indigenous economic reconciliation


What are the bold steps for all Canadians towards Indigenous economic reconciliation? In this session, presented by the National Consortium for
Indigenous Economic Development (NCIED), UVic professors John Borrows and Brent Mainprize will offer insight from their research into this subject,
before Ovide Mercredi (past National Chief, Assembly of First Nations), Guujaaw (former Haida leader), and David Suzuki (renowned author and environmentalist), share their personal perspectives and expertise in a stimulating panel discussion.


Victoria Symphony presents – New Music Festival: Soundscapes & Landscapes

Buy Tickets Online 11/03/2017

Canada has some of the most diverse landscapes in the entire world. From the cosmopolitan bustle of cities like Toronto and Montreal to the quiet desolation of BC’s desert regions, our country is home to a unique variety of environments and their consequent soundscapes. In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Victoria Symphony plans to explore and celebrate these unique regions in our land in this New Music Festival.