Young Artists Collegium Program

Nurturing excellence in a community of emerging musicians.


Founded in 2006, the Young Artist Collegium Program provides colleagues or peers for exceptional young musicians, supporting and challenging them to become the best they can be, in music and in life.

Delivered in an after-school format Mondays or Wednesdays, the Collegium is an enriched program for talented young classical musicians – strings, winds, brass, and pianists – all brought together with outstanding teachers to create a lively, collaborative educational experience devoted to the pursuit of musical excellence.

It provides the environment to develop and thrive as soloists and as chamber musicians with all the necessary tools to think critically and work as a team.

Application deadline for 2024/25

May 5, 2024

Audition dates

May 24-31, 2024


The Young Artists Collegium Program is designed for teenage students studying classical strings, winds and brass instruments, and piano. Instrumental Collegium applicants must have achieved at least an RCM Grade 9 level; Junior Collegium is generally for players aged 12-15 in RCM Grades 6-9. Placement is based on yearly auditions which happen in the previous May. Victoria Conservatory of Music postsecondary students (of any age) may be invited to join Collegium based on their Conservatory/Camosun audition. If accepted, Collegium participation qualifies toward their required Collaborative Ensemble credit, but requires the students to stay through mid-May after the postsecondary term ends.


The Young Artists Collegium Program is an academic year program, running from September to May with auditions the previous May.

Students participate regularly in masterclasses and chamber music, work with accompanists, and attend lectures and performances. All Collegium students are expected to participate in (at least) weekly individual lessons on their Collegium instrument, whether the lessons are part of the Collegium tuition package or arranged separately.

Additionally, Collegium offers a unique opportunity for like-minded students to learn, collaborate, and socialize together. All activities are conducted in the spirit and purpose of the Collegium program: excellence in music, teamwork, and support of peers.


At the Victoria Conservatory of Music downtown location at 900 Johnson Street.

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Each of the Collegium programs have specific application requirements.

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Student Testimonials

“I liked the friendly and supportive environment created by the students and the administrators of the program.”

“The Collegium program has made me a better musician and individual.”

“It’s AWESOME! I’ve learned numerous things that were and still are invaluable to my career as a musician, and the relationships I’ve formed with friends through this program will hopefully stay with me through the rest of my life. Great flippin‘ program!!!”

“The Collegium program has helped me grow so much as a musician. Being surrounded by amazing players pushes you to want to have higher expectations for yourself.”

Parent Testimonials

“We are so pleased with the growth that our son’s Collegium experience provided for him. He improved musically and personally while making new friends that share his interests.”

“This has been a life transforming program for my daughter.”

“Collegium is the most important education my children have received. In no other venture have my children learned all of the following: striving for excellence, setting goals, experiencing a teacher passionately picture their next achievement, collaborate with peers who are older, and younger, working with professional mentors, developing stage presence, and learning to share mutual appreciation among each other.”

“We enjoyed witnessing our son truly love participating in this program. It was also great to watch his progress as he improved as an individual as well as a musician. This was his first opportunity to collaborate with other musicians and he enjoyed playing with others, building relationships and being a part of a community.”

Being part of a chamber ensemble was highly rewarding, both musically and personally. I also appreciated the dedication of the faculty and staff to providing high-quality musical experiences despite the challenges of the past year.

Collegium Student

The Collegium is evaluated annually by its students, parents, and teachers.


Simon MacDonald

Simon MacDonald

Artistic Director

Roger Buksa

Roger Buksa


Müge Büyükçelen

Müge Büyükçelen


Mary Byrne

Mary Byrne


Collegium Alumni

The Collegium program is highly successful and rated among the best in the country. Our students have won top prizes in the local, provincial and national music festivals. Students’ solo playing is on a similar level, winning many local and provincial festival awards. Our graduates have earned placements at UVic, McGill, Robert McDuffie School, New England Conservatory, the Peabody and Curtis Institutes and the Juilliard School of Music.

Notable Collegium alumni include Nikki Chooi, Timothy Chooi, Jacob van der Sloot, Blythe Allers, Lexie Krakowski, and Johnathan Devey.

What does the word Collegium mean?

‘Collegium’ comes from the same Latin roots as ‘colleague’. The Collegium Musicum was one of several types of musical societies that arose in German and German-Swiss cities and towns during the Reformation and thrived into the mid-18th century. Both Bach and Telemann directed Collegium Musicum groups in Leipzig.

Notice: This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training and as such has not been reviewed.


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