Individual Lessons

Private instruction is one of the most popular things we offer. Regardless of your age, level, or instrument, we can find you a teacher that will inspire you to unleash your creativity.

New Students

Find a teacher

The first step in finding a teacher for individual lessons is to complete our ‘Find A Teacher Form’. This allows us to learn more about your musical background, goals, availability for lessons, and fee options. Once you have completed the form, our Front Desk will contact you to complete the process and match you with a teacher.

Students may request lessons with a specific instructor, subject to instructor availability. Once an instructor is assigned, the instructor will contact the student/parent to make arrangements for lessons.

Students typically have one lesson per week for 38 weeks (two terms) from September to June (unless alternate arrangements are made directly with the instructor). Students may begin individual lessons at any time during the academic year.

Find a Teacher Form

Returning Students

Register with your current or a new teacher

If you are continuing or returning to individual lessons, you first need to arrange or confirm your schedule with your teacher. Once you know this, contact or visit us to register.

You are only registered when your payment is received and processed and your teachers is not paid unless you are registered. See more details:

How to Register

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Tuition Fees

Individual lesson fees fall into four Fee Groups. The hourly rate of an instructor is dependent up on several factors, including their education and experience. The rate you pay will be dependent upon the instructor you are placed with.

Sept 2022 – Sept 2024 FG1 FG2 FG3 FG4
Per lesson: 30 min. $29.50 $34.50 $39.50 $44.50
Per lesson: 45 min. $44.25 $51.75 $59.25 $66.75
Per lesson: 60 min. $59.00 $69.00 $79.00 $89.00
As of September 2024 FG1 FG2 FG3 FG4
Per lesson: 30 min. $30.50 $35.50 $40.50 $45.50
Per lesson: 45 min. $45.75 $53.25 $60.75 $68.25
Per lesson: 60 min. $61.00 $71.00 $81.00 $91.00
individual lessons

Meet our Faculty

Over 130 world-class faculty members teach disciplines including voice, keyboard/synth, strings/e-strings, percussion, brass, woodwinds, theory, writing and arranging, recording and production, and more.

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