Hello, Thank you for your interest in our Music Therapy program.

Music Therapy Fees

In-House Sessions: $79.80 per hour
Institutional/Community: $64.00 per hour + mileage fees

The hourly rate is the same for private and group sessions.

Calendar Terms
Programs run continuously throughout the year. The Music Therapy department has 3 terms:

  • September – January
  • February – June
  • July – August

For further information regarding registration please contact: Department Head: Dr. Johanne Brodeur 250.386.5311 ext 1030


The VCM’s state-of-the-art Multi-Sensory Studio offers a peaceful retreat for music therapy participants. This is a studio where one can create, express themselves, find respite from their daily anxiety or pain, meditate and use guided imagery techniques. The equipment in the studio was carefully chosen to meet very specific needs. It includes laser-projected lighting, a Somatron vibro-acoustic recliner, flat-screen TV, bubble tower and fibre-optics.

2017 Music Therapy Summer Camp
Registration Form

This camp is for children with special needs
(e.g: autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, etc.)

Using activities such as playing instruments, rhythmic movement, improving, singing, composing and using cutting-edge technology, children will develop expressive and receptive language skills, communication, oral motor skills, articulation, spatial relationships, fine and gross motor skills, and practice social skills in this fun, creative and innovative camp.

  • Cost is free          |           Ages 1 – 8 yrs  
  • Therapists: Andrea Cave, Nicole Currie, Bryna McKay