Alexandra Berg

Alexandra Berg Contemporary Vocals

Alexandra Berg, a talented singer and songwriter hailing from the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, has made a name for herself with her soul-stirring indie soul style. Widely acclaimed for her ability to exude raw emotion and power, as well as her versatility and sensitivity on stage, Alex captivates audiences and fellow performers alike.

Drawing from storytelling traditions and personal experiences, Alex Berg’s songs elevate and mesmerize listeners. Her journey in music began at a young age, as she has been singing for as long as she can remember. At the age of 16, she took her passion beyond shower singing and started formal lessons. From there, her musical foundations, built through years in concert bands, seamlessly transitioned into contemporary music.

She is now a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and vocalist who, in recent years, has grown passionate about voice education.

Having earned her Diploma in Music Performance of Contemporary Voice from Camosun College and the Victoria Conservatory of Music as well as a Graduate Certificate in Composition from Humber College in Toronto, Alex began teaching. But her own journey with chronic illness and the resulting Muscle Tension Dysphonia led her to further explore a somatic and science informed approach to her instrument. Alex is incredibly intuitive, curious and knowledgeable and is passionate about helping others explore their own unique voice.

Alexandra would be a good fit for any age or experience level and she is particularly at home in the performance practice of musical theatre, R&B and pop.