Colleen Eccleston

Colleen Eccleston

“Victoria’s Colleen Eccleston is a remarkable singer. She is a gifted songwriter and a very strong rhythm guitarist. Her on-stage ebullience makes her concerts a delight, but she can switch from a carefree song about life on the road to a sobering tale of environmental or interpersonal damage with consummate ease” – The Rogue Folk

“A dangerous blend of skillful song writing and gorgeous vocals makes Colleen an artist whose work is timeless and a must have for any true music aficionado’s collection.” Naomi De Bruyn Linear Reflections

After 14 years with The Ecclestons and many adventures on the road, Colleen stepped out to share her contagious love of life as she turned the human condition into a song. Having played with both Karel Roessingh (piano) and Scott White (bass) separately years before she was honoured to add their virtuosity to her eclectic mix of material. Known for her emotional range and keen insight she writes beyond the love song into what makes us human in this wacky world.

Born in Calgary Alberta, the daughter of a nomadic English Professor, she has lived in 45 houses all across the country and in Mexico. A child prodigy she began her career in Newfoundland at the age of 11 and has captured audiences ever since. She has toured fronting a full on six piece rock band Grand Union, Vancouver Celtic Band Under the Moss, Rattle in the Dash, James Keelaghan, Bourne and McLeod, Valdy and the list goes on. You can hear her voice on ‘Star Trails’ by Spirit of the West, ‘A Recent Future’ and ‘My Skies’ by James Keelaghan, ‘Eye of A Hurricane’ by Douglas Pashley,’Dance and Celebrate’by Bourne and McLeod,’Vera’s Cafe’ by Mark Perry and many more. Colleen has toured the province with The Other Guys Theatre Company’s hit folk musical ‘Good Timber’.

Colleen’s music has been featured in plays, documentaries and radio stations across the US, Canada, Germany, Holland and the UK. Her appearances include touring all over for festivals and concerts in Canada and the US. Most recently she joined the ‘Back to the Garden’ roots tour with Dan Lapp, Mae Moore, Neil Osbourne, Doug Cox, Carolyn Mark and Oliver Swain.

Colleen is a rock singer/ folk singer/ songwriter/ actor with a BFA in Theatre. She is also an instructor for The History of Rock and Roll and the Beatles as well as a songwriting mentor at both the University of Victoria and Victoria Conservatory of Music.