Department of Postsecondary Studies

“Challenge your creativity and enhance your performance skills within a close-knit nurturing community of passionate artists!”

~ David Visentin, Director of Postsecondary Studies

The VCM’s Department of Postsecondary Studies (DPS), offers multiple pathways to a successful career as a professional in the music industry, as performer, teacher, collaborator/creator, producer, music technology specialist.

Our VCM advantages include intimate class sizes,  more one-on-one instruction and access to masterclasses with world renowned artist mentors, and customized program options. In addition, all VCM postsecondary students enjoy free access to special events and opportunities, all within a close-knit community of professional instructors and staff.

The VCM has over $33,000 in scholarships available for students enrolled specifically in the Diploma programs, as well as over $100,000 in general scholarships each year.  Diploma students also have access to Camosun College’s scholarship and bursary program.

For detailed information on all programs offered through the Department of Postsecondary Studies, please click on the PROGRAMS tab.

PLEASE NOTE: VCM Entrance Scholarships will be awarded based on First Round audition results only. Apply by the February deadline for consideration.


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Brief Overview of Programs offered through the Department of Postsecondary Studies

Diploma in Music Performance * 

A comprehensive two-year credential providing professional foundations and enhanced performance skill development.
Admission Requirements (Domestic and International), downloadable form

Certificate in Music Technologies * 

A three-term unique credential offered entirely online, that offers the opportunity to master current music creation and production technologies.
Admission Requirements (Domestic and International), downloadable form


* Offered in partnership with Camosun College.  For over 43 years, the VCM has proudly represented Camosun College as its Music Department.


Certificate Program in Music Teaching

An advanced certified postsecondary training program for aspiring new and experienced private studio teachers.

The VCM is accredited through the Private Training Institutes Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education

Government of B.C.