Getting Creative with Ableton Live

Program Outline

Ages: Youth 13+

This immersive hands-on class, under the mentorship of electronic music producer and artist Nathan Jonson, is for students of all abilities who want to learn and explore the many cool features of Ableton Live 11 and Push.

Over four 2-hour classes, students will work individually and collaboratively on their projects as they are quided through the process of using the award winning Ableton Live software, alongside the amazing Push controller, in a wide range of creative workflows. The many new skills, tools and techniques learned along the way will come in handy in live performance and/or studio recording and production settings.

Each offering of this class is project focused, allowing for new approaches to be explored each time. Some of the topics that will be explored are:

  • Working with found sounds and recording original samples from a variety of sources, importing samples, playing and manipulating samples with the push controller
  • Drum creation, programming, beat making
  • Writing and editing melodies, basslines, synthesizer programming, arranging
  • Working with effects, mixing, rendering final project

Throughout the class, students will share their thoughts and work with each other in a safe and supportive classroom environment, helping to further inspire creativity in each other.

Note to Students: Please bring your own headphones and a USB stick or SD card to each class.

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Nathan Johson

Nathan Jonson

Nathan Jonson is an electronic music producer and composer who has been releasing music internationally for almost 2 decades as a solo act and as a part of numerous group projects. Live performance and DJ tours have taken him to the United States, all over the UK and Europe, Russia, and through Asia while teaching production masterclasses along the way. At the VCM Nathan specializes in teaching Ableton. […]