Scholarship Information

Scholarship Program

The Victoria Conservatory of Music is grateful to all past donors who set up Scholarship Funds.  Each year, students can apply for applicable scholarships. Applications are reviewed by the artistic directorate committee and final recipients are selected based on merit. An award ceremony to recognize the winners is held annually in June in the Alix Goolden Performance Hall. Donors, if available, are invited to present the award.

Applying for Scholarships
Application period from March 1st to April 30th for all instruments (except an earlier April 23rd deadline for piano), notification by June 1, 2021.

Applications are via an online form during the application period.  You need to complete and then submit your application online, and have spoken to your primary instructor(s) for their recommendation BEFORE submitting.

Students submit a general application for scholarship awards; they need not specify the specific award(s) for which they are hoping to be considered. Scholarship winners may also apply for bursaries and receive financial aid if qualified.

Scholarships are awarded to available to current students or new postsecondary students wishing to enroll in the Fall.  Scholarship eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • Students at all levels of study who demonstrate talent, effort and/or achievement.
  • Students whose applications include instructor recommendations.
  • In the case of potential new entrants to the postsecondary programs, students may not have applied as a current student nor have a VCM faculty recommendation, but have demonstrated an exceptional level of talent elsewhere.
  • Student’s and family’s account at the VCM must be in good standing.

Use of Scholarship Awards
Individuals who are awarded scholarships will receive their prize as a credit on their VCM account which can be applied towards tuition costs for subsequent semesters or any other purchases at the VCM. Scholarship credits should be used within the subsequent academic year. Camosun student scholarship recipients will have their award applied to their VCM and/or Camosun student accounts.

Income Tax Implications
A T4A will be issued for all scholarships over $500 received by postsecondary students in a calendar year.  Community school or other non-postsecondary students will not receive a T4A.

Thanks and Gratitude
Contributions from people who care about opportunities to learn and perform music make a difference in the quality and scope of music programs the Conservatory can offer. We are grateful to the donors whose generous contributions have made these scholarships available. Award recipients are encouraged to send a thank you letter to the donor responsible for their scholarship and to contribute some of their time and talent to the VCM as volunteers. For this purpose, the student’s name may be forwarded to the Volunteer Coordinator to perform at a Conservatory or community event during the year.

Available Scholarship Awards
Below is a list of scholarship funds that have been created to reward and assist our students, including the criteria and approximate value.

Scholarship Name CriteriaApproximate Value*Number of Awards**
Alan Macey FundPost-secondary students$500+4
Alex Nicholls Scholarship15-30 years old School of Contemporary Music student(s)$500+1
Arthur Ernest Leeder, Estate of ScholarshipPiano students$500+
Aundrea Dawn Grieves ScholarshipUnrestricted$500+1
Austin Scott Flute ScholarshipFlute student$250 – $4991
Beatty Viola/Chamber Music ScholarshipViola or Chamber Music student$250 – $4991
Cardo Smalley Violin ScholarshipViolin student$100 – $2491
Carl Weiselberger ScholarshipFemale piano student$250 – $4991
Carol Clark Jesse Piano ScholarshipClassical Piano Student$500+1
Catherine Gillespie Memorial ScholarshipUnrestricted$500+2
Catherine Mary Hummel Katarina ScholarshipTalented, emerging composer in the post-secondary program$500+1
Catherine Young Voice PrizeVoice student$100 – $2491
David Foster ScholarshipPiano student who excels at sightreading$100 – $2491
Dr. Lesley Hartford Harp ScholarshipStudent showing promising musical talent for the harp$100-$2491
Dr. Robin Wood Piano ScholarshipOutstanding Piano Student$500+1
Garth Gisalson Voice ScholarshipVoice student$100 – $2491
George Giles AwardFor a graduating student of superior stature who is seen to have a bright career in music$100 – $2491
Grant Family ScholarshipApplied to all accepted Collegium Program students$1,000+n/a
Gertrude Durand Memorial ScholarshipPiano Accompaniment$500+1
Jamie Syer Scholarship FundCollegium student; nominated by peers and instructors$250 – $4991
John Dyck ScholarshipUnrestricted$100 – $2491
John Hayes AwardUnrestricted$100 – $2491
Judith Rockwell PrizePost-secondary adult Voice student$100 – $2491
Henry, Annie, & Harry Cathcart AwardApplied to all accepted Collegium Program students$10,000+n/a
Kay Kaminski Vancouver Island & Treatment Association AwardVoice student$250 – $4991
Liam Munday Memorial Vocal ScholarshipVoice student$100 – $2491
Luke’s Gift ScholarshipNon-traditional, self-taught, personally expressive student in the Chwyl Family School of Contemporary Music$500+1
Mai Gillespie AwardUnrestricted$500+1
Margaret Abbott Vocal ScholarshipVoice student$2,500+
Margaret Baker Piano ScholarshipPianist; preference given to those interested in accompanying$250 – $4992
Margaret Goater Violin/Viola AwardViolin or Viola student$100 – $2492
Margaret Hendry AwardUnrestricted$100 – $2491
Marilyn Wuis Voice ScholarshipClassical voice student$500+1
Marjorie Tebo Piano ScholarshipPiano student$250 – $4991
Mary & Gerald Stanick Strings ScholarshipStrings student, preference to viola$250 – $4991
Millicent Lavoy Piano ScholarshipPiano students$100 – $24910
Mona Nest Weller BequestUnrestricted$100 – $2491
Mrs. Massy A. Goolden AwardGraduating post-secondary student$250 – $4991
Mrs. Pui Jun Wong Memorial ScholarshipYoungest and most talented piano student$250 – $4991
Nadar Holdings String AwardStrings student$100 – $2491
Nathan Geminiano Memorial ScholarshipStudent who embodies dedication, determination and spirit$500+1
Naomi Skinner Estate Collegium ScholarshipApplied to all accepted Collegium Program students$20,000+n/a
O. Thomas Webb Memorial Scholarship in Winds and BrassStudent showing promising musical talent for a Winds or Brass instrument to encourage and facilitate their musical growth and education.$1,000+1
Prof. Stephen and Dr. Jacquelyn Peitchinis Scholarships – CollegiumApplied to all accepted Collegium Program students$15,000+n/a
Prof. Stephen and Dr. Jacquelyn Peitchinis Scholarships – TheoryTheory student$100 – $2491
Prof. Stephen and Dr. Jacquelyn Peitchinis Scholarships – Winds EnsembleWind student playing in an ensemble$100 – $2492
Pitt and Sheila Linder Postsecondary Admissions ScholarshipPostsecondary admissions student(s) with exceptional musical ability/talent; commitment to music as a part of their future career.$1,000+
Roberto and Mary Wood Voice AwardVoice student$250 – $4991
Robin and Winifred Wood ScholarshipStudent who contributes time and talent to VCM$100 – $2491
Sydney Humphreys Violin PrizeViolin student$250 – $4991
Helen B Bradley and James A Turner ScholarshipAwarded to a student in any genre up to the age of 18, who is studying for the enjoyment of music, supports their peers and demonstrates good citizenship. One award to an adult student in any genre studying for the enjoyment of music.$100 – $24910
Vanhall Fund for the ArtsSecond year post-secondary student; preference given to organists$5,0004
Vanhall Fund for the Arts – JazzJazz student entering second year of the post-secondary program.$5,0002
Victoria Conservatory of Music General Scholarship FundUnrestricted
Virginia Finch-Noyes Memorial ScholarshipApplied to all accepted Collegium Program students$500+n/a
Victoria Music Arts Society AwardDeserving post-secondary student who has lived in the greater Victoria area for at least 2 years and is intending to pursue a career in music$250 – $4993
Woods International Piano ScholarshipPost-secondary piano student$1,000+1


*Scholarships are generated via endowment funds; value will vary from year to year, based on market conditions.

**Number of awards subject to change