Mother’s Day Musical Garden Tour

Keep Music Growing

April 22 – May 31, 2020


Join us in “growing a virtual garden” to honor the spirit of our most important annual fundraising event, the Mother’s Day Musical Garden Tour.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we invite you to pay tribute to your mother or someone special or an essential service provider, by making a donation in their name in lieu of buying Garden Tour tickets ($35 each). For each donation of $35 or more, we will post your tribute on our website and for every $140 (4 tickets) we “grow” our virtual garden. Although we may not be able to visit gardens this Mother’s Day, we can still celebrate those special people in our lives with a gift to music.

Donate HERE, leave a tribute and help us grow our garden for music in our community.

See the side tab for your tributes and to watch the virtual garden grow.

From now through the end of May, we are raising funds to support the VCM in continuing to provide music education and music therapy online, and keep music growing in our community.

Your support during this unprecedented time helps us keep music growing in our community.

Thank you!


Watch our Virtual Garden Grow!

Generously Sponsored by Parker Johnston

Congratulations to our wonderful community! You did it!!

During these extraordinary times, you stepped up to help us raise over $32,000 for music in our community!

Our heartfelt thanks for supporting  ‘Keep Music Growing’ – we couldn’t have done it without your gift of music to the VCM.

Raised together for Music: $32,575


Mother’s Day Tributes

For each donation of $35 and up, we will post your tribute here!

In memory of: Ann and George Nation (Chris Nation)
Founders of the Mother’s Day Garden Tour in 1982

In memory of: Ann and George Nation (Edwin Nation)

In memory of: Ann and George Nation (Andrew Nation)

In memory of: Ann Nation
Ann was my aunt and a remarkable woman whom I miss dearly. (Hilary West)

In memory of: Ann and George Nation (Maddie Goolden)

In memory of: Ann and George Nation (Yolanda Barbon)

In memory of: Ann and George Nation (Alexandra Gardner)

In memory of: Ann and George Nation
We loved visiting their wonderful garden. (Anonymous)


– Bob & Wendy MacRitchie

A small donation to help with the short-fall in funds due to the cancellation of the garden tour. (Carol Dancer)

– Louise Frechette

– Geri Hinton

I am so grateful to be enjoying the music online during these times, and feel blessed to be able to contribute. (Petra Janusas)

– Kim McGowan

– Paula Carey

In memory of: Grace Vickers (Elizabeth Vickers)

In memory of: Doris Cullen (Roy Cullen)

– Brian Johnston

– Anonymous

– Louie-Ann Edgar

– Anonymous

– John Motherwell

In memory of: Sheila Relf
You have so much to offer our community. Thanks for this great idea. (Kit Filan)

– John and Gabrielle Goudy

In honour of: Dr. Bonnie Henry
For doing an incredible job for this Province to keep us all safe. (Jo Wigmore)

In memory of: Frances Copley (Mother) and Minnie Hayward (Grandmother) (Goldie Danielsen)

– Gordon & Fern Bergstrom

– David & Yvonne Leeming

In honour of: Gizella G Yonge and In memory of: Mrs. Joan Henneberry
To my own Dear Mother who is currently in Ottawa, under palliative care and to my FAVOURITE (& ONLY) Mother-in-Law whom we lost to cancer in MMXIII. (Anita Gilder-Henneberry)

– Greta Shaya

In honour of: Anna Louie
To my loving and caring mother. (Norman T. Louie)

In memory of: Kathleen Hobson and Florence Simpson (Janet & Charles Simpson)

For the love of Music and Gardens, perfect combination. (Leda Bower)

– Liz McKinnon

In honour of: Jacquie Henderson (Adam Spivack)

In memory of: Clarice Coleshaw
Love this idea! Thanks for all the great garden tours the past five years since we have lived in Victoria. Hoping that next year may be twice as big for your annual tour – maybe double the size with gardens on the Peninsula featured as a separate pocket to explore? I have a great recommendation in my neighbourhood of Tanner Ridge! (Jeff Echols)

In honour of: Joan Riecken (Lara Riecken)

– Joan Peggs

In memory of: Our Moms Mary Robinson and Kathy Haynes (Peter Robinson)

In honour of: Heather Alton (Lindsey Alton)

In memory of: Winnifred Owens (Larry Owens)

In honour of: Margaret Searle
Thank you for raising me in a world of music and for being there when I need you the most. (Larisa Hutcheson)

In memory of: Dorothy O’Brien (Shaunne Gorrie)

In memory of: Violet Hakin (Ruth Scriven)

In memory of: Jim Munro
I have attended almost ALL of the 38 years – and have contibuted our garden three times – a pleasure to do so. (Carole Sabiston)

In honour of: Maritia Gully (Anonymous)

– Shannon and Joc von Kaldenberg

In honour of: Ingrid Pitts (Tracy Bulcock)

Thank you for providing the opportunity for youngsters to experience growth through artistic expression. (Anonymous)

In honour of: Dora Halpenny and Jane Loughborough
Thank you for providing the opportunity for growth and learning for life to our young students. (Mary Smith)

– Jean and John Anderson

In honour of: Peggy Macdonald
Thank you for all the amazing work you do. Although I live in North Vancouver, my family goes way back on Vancouver Island to Oak Bay originally, two music teachers and much music throughout the family! (Monica Macdonald)

In memory of: Isabella MacIsaac 
Thank you for giving the gift of music to so many! (Carol MacIsaac)

– Diana Gillis

Thanks for all your wonderful work and the talented musicians. (Elizabeth Borek)

In honour of: Bridie & Lil
In honour of my mother-in-law Bridie Cain, and in memory of Grandma Lil. Two of the most loving Mama Bears that ever lived. (Joan Milley)

In memory of: Mary Gaudreault (Denise Markin)

In honour of: Kerry Pridmore
I love this way of giving to the conservatory. (Anonymous)

In honour of: Kathryn Henderson
This is a very nice way to honour mothers wherever they may be! (Anonymous)

In memory of: Violet Evans (Gwyneth Evans)

– Richard Fisher

– Gorman Lee

– Anonymous

This is a great virtual garden tour and way less work for the gardeners!!?? (Deborah Gill)

In honour of: Our wonderful VCM music teachers. (Lisa Cairns)

In honour of: Sandra Edwards
For my beautiful mother, Sandra Edwards! (Jack Edwards)

In memory of: Lynn Harper Mears
I would like to dedicate this to my mother Lynn Mears. Thank you VCM for allowing us to contribute to you while honouring someone special. See you next year. (Holly Harper)

In honour of: Moms at Oak Bay United Church (Bertha Thacker)

– Sandra Anderson

– Coryn Gooch

– Leslee Farrell

– Huirong Zhou

In memory of: Mary Jane Curry
In the memory of my mother, who nurtured and supported my interest in music with the devotion she also gave to her gardens. (Jeffrey Curry)

In honour of: Florence Millions
In honour of my mother, an avid gardener who loves classical music and started me on my musical career. (Nancy Curry)

In memory of: Norah Lowe
Norah was a great supporter and volunteer of the VCM for many years. (Kerry Lowe)

In memory of: Bunny Dunn (Marc and Patricia Lortie)

– Blaine and Kathy Wilkie

In honour of: Madeleine Humer (Shannon Black)

Keep up the good work, your efforts are appreciated. (Angela Moore)

A wonderful idea. This would have been my 14th year of enjoying the gardens. (Donna Ruppel)

– Anonymous

In memory of: Jan Cornelis Van Beek
Classical music was his passion and medicine during challenging times! (Lavana Kilborn)

In memory of: Ann Nation (Lynda Strong)

In honour of: All the Victoria musicians and music teachers who are mothers and gardeners as well! (Juliet Simon)

I’ve been a long time volunteer for this event from which I get a great deal of pleasure. The gift of music during these difficult times is priceless so I’m happy to do what I can. (Linda Harvey)

– George & Higge Baker

– Anonymous

In honour of: Laurette Shuttleworth (Deedrie Ballard)

In honour and memory of: Sheila and Pitt Linder (Chuck & Flo Naylor)

– Margaret Argue

In honour of: Janice Moseley
Thank you for providing Victoria with beautiful music by many talented musicians. (Leah & Bruce McDiarmid)

– Brian Groos

In memory of: Gareth Morgan (Orlis Morgan)

– Brian and Barbara Smith

In honour of: VCM faculty and staff
Thanks to everyone at the VCM for your continued work in these challenging times. (Shelley Williams)

In memory of: Anne Slanina (Ellen Slanina)

In memory of: Theresa Bolton/Kennedy (Anonymous)

In memory of: Audrey Lang (Jane Burge)

In memory of: Mum (Liz Cooper) 1930-2020
I am grateful to you all at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for this opportunity to remember Mum with such a beautiful offering – the Virtual Garden Tour – and to share it with so many. Thank you. Mum took up piano at age 45 and loved playing music. She was 90  when she died on Feb 8, 2020. Blessings to you all! (Winnie Cooper)

In memory of: Eric & Shirley Charman
From your loving pups, Tessa & Haley (Derek and Debora Wolstenholme)

In memory of: Flo Delaney
Thank you for all you do! (Pam Delaney)

An excellent initiative – thanks for continuing the tradition of the Garden Tour in this creative way. (Bryan Wilson)

In memory of: Jane Middleton
I’m a Victoria Master Gardener Association Member and am sorry the Conservatory garden tour will not go ahead because of this tragic pandemic. Our organization always appreciates the opportunity to volunteer at this worthwhile fundraising event. (Wendy Parker)

– James Stilburn

In honour of: Norma Manly
In honour of my mother this Mother’s Day. (Kevin Farris)

In memory of: Anna Slanina
In loving memory of my incredible Mom, who loved music and gardening! (Bernadette Mansour)

In memory of: My music teacher Mom Roberta Rose
Keep the faith. We are in this together and it has to get better. (Margaret Rose)

– Caren Fitzgerald

In honour of: Health Care Workers 
Thank you (Grant Kelner)

I am glad to have this opportunity to support this worthy and wonderful organization. I think creating this virtual fundraiser in place of the actual MDMGT is brilliant and I wish you every success. (Joyce Hubert Hodd)

In memory of: Leif Mickelson (Janet Boyle)

In memory of: My Mother
My mother’s love of flowers and of classical music has influenced me and given me joy all of my life. Thanks for the opportunity to provide a tribute to her, even though she passed away. (Bonnie Leadbeater)

In honour of: Lois Snell (Susan Snell)

In memory of: Maria G. Tassone
In honour of my beautiful mother who loved music and nurturing her garden. (Maria Dominelli)

In honour of: Barbara Ferguson (Heather Ferguson)

In memory of: Peggy Tolson (Bill Tolson)

In memory of: Francesca Gortan
In memory of my dear Mom, Francesca Gortan. (Mary (Gortan) Slanina)

In memory of: Anna Slanina
Remembering my sweet mom, Anna Slanina. (Lawrence Slanina)

In honour of: Heidi Riedmann
My wonderful Mother, Heidi Riedmann, (Claudia Blum)

In memory of: Louise Butler
My wonderful mother, Louise Butler. (Jane Butler McGregor)

In honour of: Moira Anderson
My mother Moira has been involved with the VCM Mother’s Day Garden Tour on and off since the early 1980s. (Melissa Anderson)

In honour of: Essential workers in the community! (Judi James)

In memory of: Shirley Fellowes
In loving memory of my wonderful mother-in-law. (Terri Myhr)

A huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors that have continued to support us to keep music growing!

























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VICTORIA BC April 25, 2012- (FRANCES LITAN, TIMES COLONIST). For House Beautiful story by Grania Litwin.

We are dedicating this virtual garden in memory of Ann Nation who, along with her husband George, combined their shared love of both gardening and music to create the Mother’s Day Garden Tour in 1982 to raise funds for the VCM. The Garden Tour was her gift to music and our community.

Ann and George, along with a dedicated group of their friends and volunteers, organized every aspect of the tour – coordinating the gardens, publicity, sponsorship, plant sale, and offering tea and music to the hundreds and thousands of visitors who have attended the Garden Tour over these many years. George, an avid gardener, grew every single plant and cutting that he submitted every year to the Plant Sale; there are many people today who can look at their own magnificent gardens to see what is now a beautiful tree or plant that was created by the hands of George Nation!

The Alix G Rose, cultivated by George Nation, now at home in the garden of Chris Nation

They lead it to become one of the most loved and successful annual fundraising events in Victoria. They also continued the work started by Ann’s mother by providing very generous, loyal financial support that helped sustain the VCM over all of those many years. Their enormous contribution to the VCM was recognized by naming the “Ann and George Nation Conservatory School of Classical Music” as a lasting legacy when the VCM celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2014.

This year we were honored to feature the garden of Chris Nation (Ann’s son). We’ve confirmed you’ll be able to experience his garden, and view the Alix Goolden Rose on our website this year and again, in person, during our 2021 Garden Tour next year.

George passed away on March 12th 2017 at the age of 97, and Ann passed away on June 1, 2019. We honour them for their energy, spirit, and unfailing support of and dedication to music education. May their love of music and gardening live on through the Mother’s Day Musical Garden Tour for generations to come!



2021 Sneak Peek

As a special treat, here is a sneak peek at the gardens for next year’s  Mother’s Day Musical Garden Tour. Click on the music links and imagine yourself in each garden.

For more music, check out our Facebook page for #sundaysounds every week until the end of May!

Alexandra Berg, voice – “Give you Blue” with fellow Postsecondary students

VCM Adult Jazz Combo

Carey Wang, piano


Emily Dubois, fiddle and Zoe Dubois, guitar – “Cheryl’s Fancy” by Emily Dubois