Postsecondary Info Night

Post Secondary Info Night

Postsecondary Info Night

The event is hosted on Wednesday, March 27 at 7pm. Victoria, Room 224 (entrance at 900 Johnson Street). This event is also hosted online via Zoom.

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The Victoria Conservatory of Music Postsecondary Department hosts its annual Info Night for students and parents interested in learning more about Postsecondary Programs including:

Accredited by Camosun College. For nearly 45 years, the Victoria Conservatory of Music has proudly represented Camosun College as its Music Department.

  • Diploma in Music Performance – 2 years
  • Certificate in Music Technologies – 12-18 months (online)
  • Certificate in Music Creativity and Performance Foundations – 8 months

Accredited by the BC Private Institute Training Branch of the BC Ministry of Advanced Education

  • Certificate in Advanced Music Studies (AIMS) – 1 year, part time study in one of four pillars: Performance, Teaching, Recording & Production, and Business.

The Postsecondary Department Info Night offers an opportunity to meet and hear from current performing students and working alumni from both Classical and Contemporary disciplines. The evening also includes an overview of programs from David Visentin (Director of Postsecondary Studies) and Dr. Alexander Richards (Assistant Program Coordinator), as well as a review of admission requirements, application procedures, and information on dual credit classes through the South Island Partnership (SIP).

Questions are welcome at any time in the presentation and registration is not required.

Can’t make it to Info Night?

Check out our website to learn more about our programs and why to choose the Victoria Conservatory of Music!

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We’re more than happy to connect with you one-on-one. Call 250-386-5311 or email David Visentin or Dr. Alexander Richards at [email protected] to arrange a time.