Filbert Zhang: Spark to Flame Student Feature

Feb 20, 2024

Introducing Filbert Zhang!

One of the student soloists at the 2024 Spark to Flame Student Showcase!
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Young male with dark, short hair playing the piano. He looks contemplative while immersed in his musical performance.

Filbert Zhang is 14 years old and currently studies with May-Ling Kwok, and is apart of the Senior Collegium program at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. He’s been playing piano since 5 years of age, and has regularly participated in performances in the community, such as at garden tours and the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, having received a number of awards including the 2023 Senior Piano Concerto Cup. Apart from piano, Filbert enjoys playing tennis and doing really anything with friends. Filbert is also in his grade 9 year at Mount Douglas Secondary, and enjoys the obstacle that the Challenge Program offers.

What program are you enrolled in at the Conservatory? Who’s your instructor?

I am enrolled in weekly lessons with May-Ling Kwok. I am also apart of Senior Collegium with coach Simon MacDonald and RCM History 10 taught by Robert Holliston.

Why did you apply to perform at Spark to Flame? What piece are you performing and why did you choose it?

I applied to perform at Spark to Flame so I could have the opportunity to play with an orchestra. Being able to experience, both myself and the audience, even a fraction of what occurs in the biggest halls in the world is such a unique and entrancing idea to me.

Having the opportunity to experience even a fraction of what occurs in the biggest halls in the world is a unique and entrancing idea for me, and I hope that the audience agrees.

I will be performing Beethoven Piano Concerto in B-flat major, op. 2, no.1. I chose this piece because as the first concerto that Beethoven wrote, it has a beautiful combination of both his and Mozart’s style of composition in one concerto.

What are your aspirations in music?

I want music to be a bridge between myself and others. I aim to communicate through music, in verbal conversations as a commonality, and especially through playing with others.

2024 Spark to Flame Student Showcase

The annual Spark to Flame program is presented through the Ann & George Nation Conservatory School of Classical Music and supports the development of young emerging professional artists.

Open to all students of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, soloists are selected through audition, and then offered the opportunity to be mentored by various Conservatory faculty over the weeks leading up to the concert, including rehearsals with orchestra.

The concert is a magical evening, and this year’s performance on Saturday February 24, 2024, will feature seven very talented student soloists chosen this year to be accompanied by fellow student peers who are joined by faculty artists and other professional musicians.

Supported by the Henwood Family Fund and BC Gaming.

Venue Accessibility

The 900 Johnson Street entrance is at ground-level and wheelchair accessible. There is an elevator located on the first floor: as you enter the building go down the ramp to your right and the elevator is on the left at the bottom. Priority seating can be provided at concerts if you have accessibility issues; please contact the Venues Department . Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on the main floor, beside the lobby in the Reception and Registration area.

Capacity is limited for this concert, please order your free ticket in advance for entry.

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Entrance for this concert is at 900 Johnson Street, and the balcony will be closed.