Scholarships And Bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries build upon the VCM vision of ensuring that music is accessible to all. Scholarships are awarded based on merit. Student applications are reviewed and awards decided by the applicable Departments. Bursaries are to support students who can demonstrate financial need. Tens of thousands of dollars are awarded each year to new and current students across all instrument types, all levels of talent, and all ages. Scholarships are awarded annually at our awards day ceremony in June. Bursaries are also awarded in June and throughout the year. Collegium bursaries follow a different process with different timelines. Music Therapy support is awarded throughout the year depending on availability; inquiries should be made directly to the Music Therapy Department Head.

The VCM thanks all donors past and present who have created and contributed to the various scholarships and bursaries. These awards assist hundreds of students every year.

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