2023 Recording and Production Project Award Winner- Tia Greenwood

Aug 1, 2023
2023 Recording and Production Project Award Winner- Tia Greenwood

About the Recording and Production Project Award

Launched in May 2019, the Recording & Production Project Award is intended to support current students of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, developing as emerging music artists, who aspire to record themselves and/or other emerging music artists, through a personal or collaborative creative and entrepreneurial project.

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The 2023 Winner- Tia Greenwood

Tia Greenwood is 16 years old and attends Oak Bay High School. She has been studying music for 11 years, 6 of which have been through the Conservatory, and 5 years as member of the BC Fiddle Orchestra. She currently studies with Daniel Lapp (BC Fiddle Orchestra) and Martin Bonham (cello) and is also member of the Coastline Fiddle Ensemble for the last 3 years.

Along with her studies and many performances in the community, including as part of professional concerts, she has composed over 60 original fiddle tunes, of which several have won awards through the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival and the Spot Prawn Fiddle Contest. Tia also won 2nd prize in the 2023 inaugural Celebrate Youth Award for Young Emerging Contemporary Music Artists and performed as guest soloist in the Joy of Life Celebrate Youth concert.

Tia is passionate about playing and composing fiddle music, particularly tunes featuring cello as the lead melody instrument. She plans to record some of these original tunes, performed by her on cello as the lead instrumentalist, accompanied by several other instruments (including fiddle, guitar, piano, and bodhran), involving a few of her music friends in the process.

Benefits that this award will provide for Tia include giving her access to more experience working in a recording studio, shadowing a professional recording engineer to record, mix and master the tracks; allowing her to use her recordings to foster awareness of the diverse playing styles cellists can bring to contemporary music, particularly the fiddle genre; and helping to augment the BC fiddle tune repertoire with melodies playable on cello, attracting more cellists to the fiddle genre, where they are currently severely underrepresented.