Follow up: Postsecondary student brings her baby to class

May 5, 2023
Instructor teaching class

Earlier in the school year we met Juhui, a Postsecondary student who’s beautiful baby boy (named Jireh) was born the same week Fall classes began. Determined to pursue her first Diploma year, she followed up with her instructors to see if she could bring her baby to class. All faculty supported her request and even offered to baby-sit.

We last spoke with her in November 2022, and with the end of the school year and Mother’s day approaching, we wanted to follow up to see how the year went for her.

Update from Juhui, April 2023

As time went on, Jireh became more aware of his surroundings, and of course, including the school. He became more engaged. He would stare at the instructor who’s giving coaching during our coaching sessions. He now smiles when I sing to him. Even though there’s more to take care of if bringing him to the school, I’d still prefer to bring him to the school because I’ve found that he actually likes music itself.

It will be important to note that it’s still quite challenging to practice with such focus and intensity at home with a baby – he’s simply my main focus. On the positive side, this resulted in increased number of sessions with vocal coaching sessions – language, diction, accompaniment with different coaches – on top of my regular individual coaching sessions. This way, I can have time to work on the repertoire.

I had to put myself out on the stage more often to take advantage of that opportunity to cope with my nerve on the stage.

Surprisingly, the result turned out to be even better than what I had expected. I have become far more stable and confident at competitions and the end-of-term jury session.

I am so grateful for this kid!

We’re grateful for you Juhui! Congratulations, you made it through your first year!