Westhills Summer ArtSafari Classes (Ages 6-8 & 9-12)

Program Outline

Introducing ArtSafari, an exciting group of classes for kids at our Westhills location! No previous music training is necessary – everyone is welcome. Click the links below for additional details and to register.

Kitchen Band

Bring your spoons, flip over a bucket, and join us in a rhythmic trip around the world! We’ll play along with Canadian fiddle songs, African dances, Latin American rhythms, and American country tunes while learning folksongs and rhythms from each part of the world.

Kitchen Band (6-8 years) | Mon | 12:15 – 1:15pm | July 5 – 26
Kitchen Band & Art Adventures (9-12 years) | Mon | 1:45-4:45pm | July 5 – 26

Music Mind Games

Did you know there’s no “H” in the musical alphabet? We’ll find out about that and much more in games like Alphabet Snake, Rhythm Bingo, and Toss the Note, using alphabet cards, rhythm sticks, and many other fun materials. These games introduce the main concepts of music notation, giving the students a basic understanding that they can take to school music class or their own music lessons.

Music Mind Games & Art Adventures (6-8 years) | Tues | 12:30-2:45pm | July 6 – 27
Music Mind Games (9-12 years) | Tues | 3:15-4:15pm | July 6 – 27

Music Mind Games & Art Adventures (9-12 years) | Thurs | 12:30-2:45pm | July 8 – 29
Music Mind Games (6-8 years) | Thurs | 3:15-4:15pm | July 8 – 29


Create your own composition of sounds with voices, musical instruments and other objects to make a “Soundscape” and learn to listen to the world around you! We’ll look at creative ways to make sound and write down our ideas, and take inspiration from poems and stories. Imagine making a soundscape about a walk in the forest, a trip to the moon, or a visit with whales underwater…anything is possible.

Soundscapes (6-8 years) | Wed | 12:15-1:15pm | July 7 – 28
Soundscapes & Art Adventures (9-12 years) | Wed | 1:45-4:45pm | July 7 – 28


The Victoria Conservatory of Music gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the West Shore Arts Council in providing a guest Art Instructor, and looks forward to the continued collaboration between the WSAC and the VCM’s Westhills location in Langford.

Program Details

Kitchen Band | Jul 5 – 26 | Mon
6-8 years | 12:15-1:15pm | $84.80
9-12 years | 1:45-4:45pm | $132.20

Music Mind Games & Art Adventures | Jul 6 – 27 | Tues
6-8 years | 12:30-2:45pm | $132.20
9-12 years | 3:15-4:15pm | $132.20

Soundscapes | Jul 7 - 28 | Wed
6-8 years | 12:15-1:15pm | $84.80
9-12 years | 1:45-4:45pm | $132.20

Music Mind Games & Art Adventures | Jul 8 – 29 | Thurs
9-12 years | 12:30-2:45pm | $89.80
6-8 years | 3:15-4:15pm | $89.80


Michael Wilford

Michael Wilford grew up playing drums in the rich and diverse musical network of Northern British Columbia. From a young age Michael was inspired and taught by many musical mentors including Mike Doogan-Smith and his Smithers Secondary School Band Program, Leslie Jean McMillan and the dynamic father-son duo of Richard and Jake Jenne. They not only taught him but also exposed him to a wide variety of musical experiences including ensembles, performances, and the opportunities to work with inspiring musicians from around the world. By the time Michael had graduated high school he had performed all over British Columbia and […]

Raya Fridman

Raya Fridman is a dedicated and fully trained Suzuki violin teacher at the VCM. She believes that every child can succeed in life if she/he has support of the family; music will be one of the many achievements. Raya holds a College Diploma in Orchestra/Music Education from Russia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, as well as a Master in Music from the University of Victoria. Her performing experiences include the Chamber Orchestra of Leningrad, Montreal Chamber Orchestra, Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Chamber Orchestra, various theatre companies such as Victoria Operatic Society and Gilbert and Sullivan. She has also enjoyed masterclasses with Pinkas Zukerman, Eleonora and Yuli Turovski, Richard Roberts, Thomas Williams and workshops with “I Musici” and “Quador Bozzini”. Raya has been leading the Civic Orchestra of Victoria since 2006. She is conversant in Russian, French, and English.

Rachael Wadham

Rachael Wadham is a performer, composer and instructor based in Metchosin. Rachael was trained classically from a very young age and has always been a keen improviser. She studied Jazz Piano Performance for 3 years at Humber College in Toronto but was drawn back to classical music and eventually transferred to UVic where she completed a Bachelor of Music Composition and Theory. As a teacher, Rachael teaches all ages, and has a focus in music education for young children. She likes to gather material from numerous sources to provide a well rounded introduction to piano performance. Rachael has been working (…)